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Professors of Pleasure, Volume Two, Available on
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anais_pf wrote in johndohenyfans
The CD John Doheny Presents the Professors of Pleasure: Tulane University Faculty Band, Volume Two, which has been unavailable for sale anywhere online for a while, is now available again through If you don't have a copy, now is the time to pick one up! Alternatively, you can send a private message to yours truly, the moderator of this community, for details on how to buy a copy for $2 less than the price listed on

Here is the fifth track from the CD, "Funky B," written by Jim Markway. The song features Jim Markway on bass, Geoff Clapp on drums, Jesse McBride on piano, John Doheny on tenor saxophone, Allen L. Dejan Jr. on soprano saxophone, Andrew Baham on Trumpet and John Dobry on electric guitar.


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