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Fans of John S.P. Doheny and The Professors of Pleasure
John Doheny has now officially authorized this fan club. Yay! You can also read him on his official website or on his personal LiveJournal, jdquintette. Or you can read the entry about him on Wikipedia here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Doheny

This fan club and this LJ community are a work in progress. We are still batting around the frequency and content of future posts, though we are aiming to post at least twice per month. Feel free to request membership and/or put us on your watch list. All members will be given posting access and should feel free to post anything at all related to John Doheny. Meanwhile, enjoy the cover photo from the recently released CD, The Professors of Pleasure Vol. 2. Photo by John's wife, Darlene. That's John over on the right, with the hat and the shades and the horn strap and the too-cool-for-school posture. Yeah.

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